How to use the Waking Beauty® Sleep System

How to use the Waking Beauty® Sleep System

How it works

Sleeping on your back may not be your usual sleep position. But it’s the simplest way to prevent sleep wrinkles. You can play with the positioning of all the Waking Beauty® Elements until you find what works best for your body.

How it works

The Sleep System is customisable, so you can create a bespoke set-up that will support you to sleep comfortably and beautifully.


Beauty sleep tips

Shula’s tips for your amazing night’s sleep. Helpful advice for bedtime bliss (Yes you can use it ‘à deux’)


Your Waking Beauty® is easy to care for

When you first receive your Waking Beauty® Sleep System it is important to unzip the pillow case and fluff up the wool by swirling your hand inside, stretching and separating the fibres so that the pillow takes on an increased size following being squashed in its packing. This should be repeated regularly to keep the wool aerated and pillows plump.

Jo fluffs up and adjusts her System.

Jo washes her slips.

Your Waking Beauty® Wool, Stabilise, Align and Elevate

Instructions for cleaning wool filling

This can be hand washed or washed in its pillow case on the Hand Wash Cycle of a washing machine.

Use a detergent recommended for wool.

Do not wash at more than 30 degrees.

If washing, dry flat making sure the air can pass through the wool.

You may unzip the case to speed up drying.

You can also remove the wool from the case and wash in a wash bag if preferred.

Instead of washing, wool in the pillow case may also be:

• Freshened in a tumble dryer on cool
• Left with the pillow case unzipped in or near the open air.

Waking Beauty Wool should be regularly fluffed up.

On first using the wool may have compressed and settled during travel. Please fluff until the springy wool balls are evenly distributed.

To fluff the wool, unzip the cotton case and using your hands and fingers stir the wool thoroughly until it separates and you can feel the air flow through the filling.

Once fluffed you may find you have too much wool in the pillow. Please remove and store in the cotton bag provided.

Always ensure the wool is dry to maintain anti-bacterial properties.

Waking Beauty® Wool in Harmonise and Repose

The miniature pillows in harmonise may be removed to wash the cotton case.

The miniature pillows may be spot cleaned. They may be washed, but after drying thoroughly the hand teased wool will need to be re-fluffed which is time consuming.

The best way to clean is to leave by a window or tumble dry in a tumble dryer on cool.

Please note, the tumble dryer referred to is a separate tumble dryer not a combined condenser.

Waking Beauty® Cotton

Wash on 30 degrees

Waking Beauty slips – see video


Jo goes on a journey